Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to Brazil!

Timothy Raines cortesy

Do you believe in signs? Well, last night I was really inspirited and felling energetic (after about 2/3 weeks resting because of a bad back). Well, I had this desire to start blogging about the creative things and people from Brazil and outside of Brazil… I got a name for the blog and went to bed! I was really tired, but I couldn’t sleep for a while… because I was “energetic in spirit”, I mean, excited about the idea of starting a new blog _ about Brazil. I finally fell asleep. Today when I woke up, got my coffee (like the praxis) and went to check my emails. I saw this email from my husband (Mike) inviting me to go to watch this Brazilian film festival starting tomorrow, and that is happening right here in New York. Well, then I thought: “It might be a sign”; especially knowing that the company that is promoting the festival is called "Inffinito", which means “infinite”. When I launched my other blog "RG Art & Design Inspirations" I start with this subject, “Infinity”. Thinking that things on earth are infinite, which makes you feel more encouraging when things are not doing well… I not saying that things are not doing well, but I just like this word. I just connect “infinite” with hope and eternity. By the way, Brazilians are generally people who are mystic, believe in signs and saints and never lose their hope!
Seja bem-vindo!
_ Renata Gross _

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